From Surviving To Thriving

Lauren Hughes
March 26, 2021

Shady Dolphin Studios

Reimagining their post-COVID-19 return

As businesses around the world consider how they can return from the torment that has been inflicted by the Coronavirus, Shady Dolphin Studio’s journey from surviving to triumph provides some food for thought.

Shady Dolphin Studios, like the rest ofthe world hit the panic button as the virus struck back in March.  Employees were working from home; some clients hit pause, some clients hit cancel on their marketing as they began tocut costs. Shady Dolphin Studios however did not let this stop them, they took action and made the most of their time to market themselves and help companies in the local community which helped them to thrive come September.

Now moved into a sprank new premises, with new clients and more work than ever before John Beattie Account Director at Shady Dolphin Studios described five attributes that he thinks are critical for businesses to find their way to the ‘new normal’. “Resilience, resolve, reimagination, return, and restructure. Here at Shady Dolphin Studios we had to reimagine our business model as we tried to return to full speed. The moment wasn’t lost and we stepped up our game to come back better and we are ready to confront any challenges and opportunities.”

John went on to suggest 3 strategic areas that Shady Dolphin Studios focused on and would recommend other business leaders to do “recovering revenue, rethinking the business operations and accelerate your digital adoption and marketing strategy to enable reimagination”

Consumer behaviour and demand patterns have changed significantly and will continue to do so. Marketing is essential to reach potential customers and drive new leads and sales. A natural reaction to this situation is to cut all spending, including your budget set aside for marketing. This can be a huge mistake. Those that stall during a crisis end uplosing their market share, while those that act fast, grow at an accelerated rate.

‘Business as usual’ will not be nearly enough: the game has changed too much. However by reimagining how they recover, operate, organise, and market themselves, companies can set the foundations for enduring success.


About Shady Dolphin Studios:

Shady Dolphin Studios are a small digital marketing agency based in Magherafelt. Founded in 2016, Shady Dolphin Studios went from a single worker to a small team of 6 offering marketing solutions for large companies such as Go, NI Water, Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort, FP McCann, Harp, BP McKeefry, Keylite and Tobermore Concrete.

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