Introducing…A Shiny New Office!

Lauren Hughes
March 24, 2021

Over the past year, Shady Dolphin Studios has undergone many changes! After months of preparation and some hard work, we moved to our new offices in September 2020.

We haven’t ventured too far away from our old office, potentially a stone throw away, but a PRIME spot in Magherafelt, looking directly into the middle of the town. Lauren, in particular has the perfect window seat!

Shady Dolphin Studios continues to grow and as a natural step of the growth, we needed more space. Our new office is much bigger than previous one and gives us much better workspace. Besides, more spacious, modern and comfortable as well!

One of the biggest decision-making factors to move was our growing team. We began with a team of 3 employees, which soon increased to 6, meaning we needed more space for desks, meeting areas and common areas. Since we moved, we’ve added another member to our team, making us a pod of 7 and we are constantly growing.

We are all settled in and adding some small fixtures & decorations day by day – there are still some things we like to do to make here a great place. More greenery perhaps, bookshelves, a creative corner, but we are incredibly excited to be in the new space even now!

We consider our new office as the beginning of another chapter in our history, and we thank our clients who have been with us throughout this growth! If you are in the area, feel free to stop by and say hello!
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