Magherafelt Dropped from Top 3 Places to Live NI? April Fools!

Shannon Hegarty
April 28, 2021

Of course, as the hometown of Shady Dolphin HQ, we were delighted to hear that Magherafelt was named with such a prestigious title and we are even more delighted to say that their spot on the list is completely safe.

While dog fouling may or may not be a problem in the area, and our lovely imaginary friend John Brown might not be too happy about it, it’s certainly not enough to take away from all the amazing things that Magherafelt has to offer, and the town definitely deserves it’s place on the list.

April Fools!!

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We hope this gave you a chuckle and we'd like to wish you a fun and harmless April Fool’s Day from all the Dolphins!

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