The Pod is Changing - Firstly, it's grown!

Lauren Hughes
April 1, 2021

The Pod is Changing

25 September

Dolphins are defined as social mammals that interact with each other, swim together, protect each other and hunt for food as a team and to be honest, that’s the perfect description for the Shady Dolphin team!

As a tight-knit team, swimming together towards the depths of the marketing and production industry, we are delighted to say that there have been some amazing changes happening in the dolphin pod recently.

Firstly, its grown! Shady Dolphin has just welcomed its newest member, Shannon, who has taken on the role as the new Marketing Coordinator. Shannon brings with her a wealth of experience and enthusiasm in the marketing and PR industry and we are delighted to have her swim alongside us into 2021.

Accompanying this expansion, a few of our team members have moved into new, exciting roles that will see the Studio go from strength to strength. After six years as the Account Manager, John will now be taking on the role as Account Director, guiding the Dolphins towards greater success and further afield to new and exciting adventures alongside new clients and tackling new projects.

Lauren, who previously held the position has Marketing Coordinator has stepped into John’s shoes as the newest Account Manager. Her role will ensure that the Shady Dolphin Studios runs as smoothly and as tightly as possible, day by day and week by week. She has worked in Shady Dolphin for nearly two years and has described it as “everything you could ever want from a job”.

Continuing our growth as a fun-loving, energetic team of seven, Shady Dolphin Studios is not only excited, but extremely grateful, to able to expand our talent and offerings to clients, providing the most high-quality marketing content and campaigns possible. We pride ourselves in being a close team who love what they do and know how to have fun while they’re at it!

The dolphins are ecstatic to be finishing 2020 with a splash and can’t wait for what’s to come in the new year.

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